It is a long established fact that a reader of a page when looking at its layout.

BZI innovations and team performance are literally and figuratively raising the bar for the steel, engineering, and construction industries.

It’s often thought if you put up a wall, you’re blocking progress. In BZI’s case, our revolutionary technology and processes for steel erection and fabrication are simultaneously breaking down obstacles and creating new opportunities for our customers, partners and team members.

The timing for BZI’s proprietary approaches and solutions could not be better. Our advancements are helping to solve a multitude of growing problems facing steel and construction, such as a labor shortage, high percentages in cost overruns and extensive delays in almost all mega-scale projects. Dangerous on-site safety conditions make construction one of the top industries with the highest death rates of any industry.

We ignored limitations and the old ways of doing things. We re-examined every aspect of the construction workflow, and asked how we can be safer for our teams and more efficient and cost effective. Now, entire industries and our customers and construction workers are benefiting.

Our new ways of thinking and disrupting the norm are leading to better-than-industry safety numbers and generating a ripple effect across the lives and families of construction workers — all while providing better ways to meet the growing and evolving needs of our customers.

In addition, our increased efficiencies are allowing us to consistently raise more than 2.5 million square feet of steel each month. Since 2017, BZI has installed more than 85.7 million square feet in building space.

To learn more about BZI, email or call us at 888.509.2280.

Headquartered in Kanarraville, Utah, Building Zone Industries, LLC (BZI) is a leading innovator in steel fabrication and erection and wall installation. Recognized throughout the industry for developing new technologies, equipment, and processes, BZI is relentlessly focused on improving safety and efficiency. The company operates with three primary divisions: Building Zone Industries (steel erection), BZI Steel (steel fabrication), and InnovaTech for specialized design, engineering and innovations and works in partnership with major retail, distribution, and industrial clients across the United States and internationally. The company offers an exclusive two-week safety and training program for all team members at its SteelTech Academy. Beginning as farmers raising pole barns, BZI has grown through its innovations and team members, to become a prominent provider of steel and construction needs for companies around the world. The company, which is a member of and accredited by AISC, has completed and is currently executing on major construction projects in 49 states. BZI is honored to be part of the Forbes Business Council and join other innovative companies and their executives leading and advancing industries.