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BZI is driven to bringing value to the lives of our team members. We are committed to providing “high-value” employment – in both earning opportunities and a wholesome work environment. We give each team member opportunities to thrive and achieve great things in both their personal lives and as a member of a team working together. We also place innovation and safe working environments at the forefront of our efforts, leading to massive improvements in how steel fabrication and erection can be accomplished.


Throughout history, leaders, disruptors and innovators are often attacked by groups threatened by advancement and improvement. BZI is no different.


Those vested in the old and obsolete methods can often revert to desperate, aggressive and inaccurate attacks to preserve the status quo, disregarding what may be valuable to the industry, and associated clients, partners, contractors and team members.


We are not deterred by erroneous attacks on our approach or ways of doing business. At BZI, innovation toward higher levels of safety and efficiency is at our core. We will continue to stay true to our mission and deliver the advancements in construction and steel technology and processes that deliver the results on which our customers and partners rely. This dedication has allowed our company to grow 10-fold in five years and attract the world’s most renowned and largest retailers for their building needs. This can only happen when you earn trust and respect through positive actions and outstanding performance.


Keep your eyes out for further announcements from BZI regarding our differentiated traction toward enhancing work environments for construction workers and smarter ways of building.


Thank you for your valued relationship with BZI.